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Snag this deal: Nov. 20, 2023

40% Off!   $197  $119 

Educator's Guide to Dyslexia

What it is: Everything you need to know to understand what dyslexia is, how to help kids with dyslexia be successful, practical ways to implement accommodations, and how to help advocate for your students in the IEP process to get them the right support.

Who it's for: Teachers, educators, and homeschool parents

Why people love it: I've been there! Even after 2 teaching credentials, I didn't know how to help my dyslexic students. You get to skip ahead and learn in just a couple weeks what took me years to discover on my own. I give you realistic strategies you can use right away.

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Snag this deal: Nov. 21, 2023

40% Off!       $197  $119

Discovering Dyslexia

What it is: Everything you need to know to know after you find out your child has dyslexia! How to understand the complicated reports, the IEP process, and how to find the right educational support in easy to understand terms and strategies.

Who it's for: Parents and guardians of kids who have dyslexia or an SLD in Reading/Spelling

Why people love it: Every parent wishes they had a roadmap for how to help their kiddo succeed, and here it is! Everything parents said they wished they knew sooner, all wrapped up and ready to go for you!

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Snag this deal: Nov. 22, 2023

Buy Morphology in the Content Areas, Get the Spelling Booster Workshop FREE!

Over 40% off!  $64  $37

Morphology Bundle Mock Up


What it is: **NEW** Morphology class for educators to learn how to incorporate Latin and Greek roots into various subjects to build vocabulary.

Plus, FREE Spelling Booster workshop!

Who it's for: Educators and Home School Parents

Why people love it: Vocabulary is the key to understanding any subject. These two courses teach you how to help kids build up their vocabulary and learn how to spell using easy strategies and learning the logic behind our complicated language.

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Snag this deal: Nov. 23, 2023

30% Off!      $27  $19

Spelling Booster Workshop V2 (1920 x 1080 px)

What it is: Learn why spelling is important, what makes it so difficult, the secret spelling rules, and how to help kids who are struggling with spelling.

Who it's for: Parents and Educators who want to help kids get better at spelling.

Why people love it: Spelling in English can seem overly complicated and this workshop breaks it down. You will understand the rules you never learned in school that make spelling a lot more simple to understand.

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Snag this deal: Nov. 24, 2023

$20 Off!    Only 10  7 Spots Available!!

$80 $60 for 30 Minutes of coaching!

Parent and Educator Coaching

What it is: Customized support where you need it most. Spend 30 minutes creating a plan to get you the results you're looking for.

Who it's for: Parents, educators, and everyone in between!

Why people love it: Every situation is different, so I can give you customized resources, coaching, and strategy planning personalized to your unique needs.