The world of education is full of information and special terminology. Let's answer some of those questions that come up!

What is dyslexia?

It is a neurological condition that causes students to struggle when learning to read and originates in the brain. Scientists hypothesize that it can be inherited genetically, or it can also be acquired by an injury to the brain.

What is dyslexia therapy?

It is a specialized form of instruction developed specifically for students with dyslexia and is not typically found in general education settings. It requires the instructor to have specialized training and preparation using a structured, systematic, and multi-sensory instruction. Additionally, it involves treating the social-emotional needs of students who often develop anxiety and lack self-confidence after many years of failure in school.

Will my child learn to read? If so, how long will it take?

Of course! Every child can learn to read! The duration of instruction is dependent on the child and involves many factors including age, previous instruction, and severity of the reading disorder. Most children complete the program within 2-3 years. Multiple sessions per week can often speed up the process and keep it closer to 2 years. We aim for lasting progress, not a quick fix!

Why can't I do group instruction for a lower cost?

Group instruction takes longer, and actually ends up costing just as much or more in the long run. It can add a year or more to the amount of time it takes to remediate when working at a group pace. We aim to have quality instruction in the shortest amount of time possible.