Ep. 11 The Power of Dyslexic Thinking

Episode 11 Dyslexia Devoted (1)

In This Episode:

Dyslexia isn't all bad news! There's plenty of good stuff too! People with dyslexia often have amazing talents. They may also be creative thinkers, athletes, artists, or have other talents. LinkedIn has even added it as a recognized skill you can add to your resume as businesses have started to realize the power of dyslexic thinking!

Here are just a few successful dyslexics:
Danny Glover
Richard Branson
Charles Schwab
Muhammad Ali
Stephen Speilberg
Jennifer Anniston
Patricia Polacco

Topics Discussed:

  1. Dyslexia isn't all bad news!
  2. What are the benefits of dyslexia?
  3. Foster the Strengths!

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