Ep 12 Adults with Dyslexia

Episode 12 Dyslexia Devoted

In This Episode:

Dyslexia isn't something people grow out of; it's a lifelong difference in how someone thinks. It can be a great asset, but it can also come with challenges. In this episode we talk about some resources for adults to use as accommodations in their job, career paths that dyslexic thinking tends to thrive, and other topics relating to adults with dyslexia.

Here are just a few great careers for adult dyslexics:

  • Artist: illustrator, design, sculter, etc.
  • Writer
  • Trades: electrician, woodworker, mechanic
  • Entrepreneur, Business
  • Teacher

Topics Discussed:

  1. Remediated or Not?
  2. Dyslexia in the Working World
  3. The Jobs They Perform

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