Ep. 29 How to Help Dyslexic Kids Deal with Mistakes and Failure

Episode 29 Dyslexia Devoted

In This Episode:

Have you ever wondered how to help dyslexic kids deal with constantly making mistakes, even when they do their best?

Welcome to Episode 29 of Dyslexia Devoted and today we’re going to be talking about ways to help kids with dyslexia deal with mistakes and failures.

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I’m getting ready to launch a brand-new course to help families that have recently received a dyslexia diagnosis for their child.

It’s called Discovering Dyslexia: A Parents Roadmap to Navigating the First Year

It’s all about understanding the assessments, the basics of IEP meetings, programs that work for kids with dyslexia, and various educational options you have to help your child.

And I have a special opportunity for 10 of you.

In exchange for giving me some feedback on some of the items I plan to put in the course, you get a special 50% discount. For only $99 you get a $197 course when I’m done putting the finishing touches on it.

I’ll be sending a couple of “this or that” kind of questions, that will take you 5 mins or less to answer.

In return, you’ll get a big discount on the course and access to all the content and bonus material when it goes live on February 12th.

There are only 10 spots available for this opportunity and it closes on Saturday, December 24th, 2022.

Find the link on the description where you’re listening to this episode or go to the courses tab on the ParnelloEducation.com website to learn more.

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This Episode's Topics:

  1. Helping students practice making mistakes and losing with games
  2. Reinforce the positive before making small adjustments, and avoid calling them mistakes and errors.
  3. Teach and reinforce the ability to ask for help and self-advocacy skills

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