Ep. 32 IEP Terms You Need to Know

Episode 32 Dyslexia Devoted

In This Episode:

Do you hear the special terms in education and IEP terms and suddenly think they are speaking a different language?

Welcome to Episode 32 of Dyslexia Devoted and today we’re focusing on all the words and terms you need to know for your next IEP or educational evaluation meeting.

This week’s episode comes with a free cheatsheet of these terms, so don’t worry about writing them down. Just sit back and listen to them and download the cheatsheet at parnelloeducation.com/iepterms 

This episode is part of a month of learning I have in store for you. Be sure to tune in next week too, when you’ll find out about my upcoming free webinars.

Show notes: parnelloeducation.com/episode32

This Episode's Topics:

  1. Types of IEP Meetings
  2. Essential IEP Terms You Need to Know
  3. Various Learning Difference Terms

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