Ep. 9 Dyslexia and Executive Functioning

Episode 9 Dyslexia Devoted

In This Episode:

Have you ever noticed a child with dyslexia who is extra disorganized or said they were done doing something you asked and it isn’t at all what you wanted them to do? Well, those are examples of a lack of executive functioning.

This episode dives into executive functioning and how to support executive function skills. Many students with dyslexia have ADHD which often presents with a lot of executive function deficits.

It can take many forms but can be most noticeable with desk/bag/room organization (or lack thereof), and in writing skills.

Listen to this week's episode to learn some strategies to support better executive functioning.

Topics Discussed:

  1. What is executive functioning?
  2. How does it affect school and life?
  3. How to support executive functioning skills

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