Ep. 20 Strategies that DON’T Work for Dyslexia

Episode 20 Dyslexia Devoted

In This Episode:

Have you ever wondered if a suggested treatment for dyslexia really works?

Welcome to Episode 20 and today we’re going to discuss strategies that DON’T help people with dyslexia! Be sure to tune in the very last section today as I have just found an amazing video about parents advocating for their children with dyslexia and it aligns perfectly with our last myth.

Also, one of the fantastic parents I work with shared with me This American Life Podcast Episode 773: The Longest Distance Between Two Points. The first 7 minutes of the episode sound pretty much like every day in my office as I teach children how to read. Those first few months can be pretty bumpy as a child is learning to read, and many don’t realize just how much work goes into it.

Strategies That DON'T Help with Dyslexia:

  1. Vision Therapy
  2. Special Fonts
  3. Balanced Literacy and Leveled Readers

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