Ep. 6 How Long Does Remediation Take?

Episode 6 Dyslexia Devoted

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How long does dyslexia remediation take? In this episode, we discuss the various factors that impact the duration of time needed to remediate dyslexia to help a student be a fluent reader and speller. If you want to learn more, check out my online course about dyslexia and remediation.

Is the student getting instruction in a group or individually? Individual instruction is always faster, but it isn't always a feasible option.

How often is the student receiving instruction? The more frequent they are receiving services, the faster they will make progress.

What level of training does the teacher have? A teacher who is fully certified or receiving instructional coaching will be much more proficient at teaching a student with dyslexia than a teacher who has only had a brief introductory class.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Factors to Consider
  2. How Remediation is Provided
  3. Who is Providing Reading Remediation

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