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Episode 50 Dyslexia Devoted

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How many episodes of Dyslexia Devoted have you listened to?

Welcome to Episode 50 of Dyslexia Devoted and today we’re celebrating 50 straight weeks of new episodes. 

Today we’re going to recap some of the top episodes from the podcast. I’m also going to share some special surprises only available for this week. 

This is one week where you’re really going to want to take a peek at the show notes page so you can easily access the things I’m sharing with you. 

Show notes: parnelloeducation.com/episode50

I also have one little favor to ask… I would love it if you could join this celebration of 50 episodes by taking a screenshot and tagging me @parnelloeducation on Facebook or Instagram.

Topics Discussed:

  1. 50th Episode Bonus - 50% Course Discount
  2. FREE Live Q&A Session
  3. Top 5 Episode Countdown

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